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Magical gifts to overcome your fears

We can all learn from our own experience that resilience isn't complicated... Art mirrors life, resilience mirrors life too.
I worry about things, don’t you?

The other weekend, whilst doing a spot of middle aged ‘pottering’, we were walking around the garden centre and I started to feel an irritation on the back of my right wrist. So, as you do, I began to scratch it and I didn’t think too much about it at the time, even though it persisted. On inspection, there was nothing visible to worry about. No fear.

I was in control, no worries, no fears.A few hours passed by, we carried on, ‘pottering’ (hate that word, but we do), with the rest of the planned Saturday schedule and I never really gave much thought to my hand. Back at home in the evening, I noticed my right hand had started to swell up and I realised that I had been bitten at some point (the damn garden centre), so I took an antihistamine tablet. I was in control, no worries, no fears.


Throughout the night, the hand grew bigger and more painful. In fact, my right hand now resembled someone else’s hand altogether! I took another antihistamine and thought I would go to the chemist on the Sunday morning to get some advice. I wasn’t worried; no fears, just inconvenient really. It was a sunny bank holiday weekend in the UK. A rarity, so grab it whilst we can!

The pharmacist eventually gave me some advice and at this point, I should tell you, that I had used a pen to mark the tracking of the swelling, so we could see it was spreading. Some more cream and a stronger dose of antihistamine and if it gets worse, go to the minor injuries department they said.

We left the chemist and fortunately, for me, the ice cream van parked up right outside took away any further worries or fears.. (and pain), and with all the remaining manly strength I could muster…. I managed to hold and eat an ice cream! I can multi task, no fear!

ice cream cone

Now although I felt a little better (its marvellous what an ice cream can do for the spirit), I decided not wait for tomorrow, but I would go to minor injuries today. I was not entirely satisfied with the advice I’d been given by the pharmacist. I had some (medical) experience and I still had some worries left.

We went to the minor injury unit and the great, wise nurse reassured me and gave me some additional, comforting advice and a sling (an official badge of injury for sure); told me to elevate and rest and see how the antihistamines work over the next 24 hours. If the tracking spreads, come back. No worries, reassured, no fears.


Eventually, I had to return to the minor injuries unit the next day, as the infection had spread significantly up my arm and a course of antibiotics were prescribed, which duly worked over the next 7 days.

Though I worried that my hand looked ‘odd’ and what would others think, it still worked even if it didn’t look or feel right. I could still do things, even if not to full working speed.

I needed to be more resilient and make sense of my worries and fears and the bottom line was, I could still function in some capacity.I needed to practice what I preached; I needed to be more resilient and make sense of my worries and fears and the bottom line was, I could still function in some capacity. I wasn’t closed for business by no means.

The gifts of honest assessment, expert opinion, experience, reassurance, guidance, advice and confidence, along with some mitigation measures to ease the impact, had all helped to ease my worries and fears. These in fact, were plain and simple gifts but they had a real magical effect on addressing my fears. Even the ice cream took away my worries, for a few moments at least!

We are all human and susceptible to injury and illness. To disruption of our normal patterns and habits. Eligible for worries and fears. We use our own experiences and those of others, to lessen the impacts and help each other through the tough times, or to be better prepared for them ahead.

earth view from the moon

Resilience comes in many forms and does not need to be complicated. Just as art mirros life, resilience mirrors life.

We use the similar skill sets, logic and tools, to help us overcome and get through our fears and worries. We can do this in work and in life.

We are all a business to some extent. Socrates famously proclaimed, ‘To be is to do’. I believe we live and we do; we worry and we do. We are resilient and we do.

Together, we can fear less.

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