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The genius of the London Tube map

Michael Bierut tells the story of the accidental success of one of the most famous maps in the world -- the London Tube Map.

The future of work: Are you ready for smart Cobots?

What if robots didn't take the place of humans, but worked alongside them? That's precisely the reality when cobots—collaborative robots—are added to the workforce.

Working together to improve organisational resilience: Human Aspects

In many organisations, the ‘task’ is the driver. The human ‘aspect’ can be forgotten. Your success will be far greater if you don’t forget the business relationship aspect.

How automation will affect you – the experts’ view

More companies are turning to smart machines to save money on slow, expensive human employees. Here’s what automation means for your job.

Could Estonia be the first digital country?

Estonia has been pursuing a grand idea since 1997: putting their entire government online. But is the idea a grand one, or a complicated one?

Ryanair, a fragile complex giant

Jacek Marczyk explains why ''Too Big To Fail'' no longer works. Today it is ''Too Complex to Survive''.

How Coca-Cola Hellenic and Credit Suisse are optimising internal audit using data analytics

The impact of data analytics on businesses across multiple sectors continues to grow, as innovative technology and workforce skills develop to ensure organisations are making the most of the information they hold. Internal audit is no exception, and professionals are increasingly expected to leverage the latest advanced analytics techniques to deliver greater efficiency and effectiveness ...

Five tips on how Business Continuity principles can protect your YouTube channel

''Your video isn't monetised because it contains content that might not be appropriate for advertising'' Since the recent update of YouTube's Rules and Community Guidelines, many Youtubers wake up in the morning with the fear of seeing this notification on one or many of their videos. As Youtube is now granting itself the right to ...

BCM Policy: the King Kong and Skull Island of Continuity

Ships log: Monday An ancient, lever-arched folder has been discovered in the arms of a body which has been drifting in a life boat for weeks out on the ocean. The outer layer of the big black, 2 ring folder has been badly beaten by the sea water and the sun; but it has been ...

Better business together – the next step in collaborative working

Together we can do more, so the saying goes. Collaboration with other organizations or people can be a powerful tool to achieve great things in business. A new standard has just been published to help businesses do just that. The benefits of collaboration, in business like in any context, are well known, resulting in more ...

A Game of Continuity: how we can play and win in 2017

A few weeks ago, I published an article entitled The Business of Continuity: why it's not unusual to be loved by anyone and I described my love and passion for the subject. My everlasting love for it and why I'm not afraid to tell BC how much I care. I care enough, to tell the ...

Behind the scenes of the global film industry

ISO standards keep films rolling so you can enjoy your favorite movies It is a small world – well, thanks to standardization it is – and the film industry is an excellent example of a global industry that has managed to keep its world very small indeed. Standards play a crucial part throughout the numerous ...

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