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Betty A. Kildow, FBCI, CBCP, has specialized in Business Continuity management for more than 20 years. An ISO 22301 Master and an ISO 28000 Certified Lead Implementer and Auditor, Betty is the author of ''A Supply Chain Management Guide to Business Continuity''.

Continuity Standards, Guidelines, Best Practices: Goal or Guide?

Why a well-designed, implemented, and maintained Business Continuity Management System results in a more resilient organization.

With whom can we work to help improve organizational resilience?

Business Continuity management has evolved and matured and is now widely viewed as having a significant role in developing resilient organizations.

Resilience in 2018 – Betty A. Kildow

We asked our contributors what they see for resilience in 2018. See Betty Kildow's vision!

Time for a Checkup… Business Continuity Training

Does your training program include the appropriate training for all levels of the organization? Author: Betty A. Kildow

Global Supply Chain: Heading in the Right Direction?

The recent supply chain disruption experienced as a result of the Hanjin Shipping Co.’s financial and legal troubles is neither the first nor unfortunately will it be the last case of the supply risks encountered these days. Thus, every organization must consider an integral element of doing business in today’s global economy. Seeing that an ...