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Terrorism in Africa 20 years after the Nairobi/Dar es Salaam bombings

We tend to associate significance to anniversaries and in that light I’d like to weigh in on terrorism in Africa today. Are things any better? Any worse? Let’s look at what is happening across Africa.

Cultivating growth in Nigeria

Agricultural products are the base of the Nigerian economy, supplying food for the Nigerian people as well as valuable cash crops for export to other countries.

Upcoming training opportunities in Africa with ContinuityLink – June 2018

Plan your training and ISO certification needs. Check out our featured training opportunities and booking options in Africa.

Is there such a thing as an ethical electric car?

Carmakers and big tech struggle to keep batteries free from child labor.

100 Resilient Cities: Updates from African Cities

In this video, Chief Resilience Officers from Accra, Addis Ababa, and Cape Town share how their cities are approaching the urgent challenges of our time.

Rural Rwanda is home to a pioneering solar power idea

The story of a group of London graduates who, apparently against the odds, have helped thousands of people in Africa access energy from the Sun.

Beware of Valentine’s Day online scams

While the internet houses a large number of dating sites that serve their purpose, many abound with romance scams - especially near Valentine's Day!

Parched Cape Town, flood-prone Miami help cities confront water risks

How increasingly, unpredictable rainfall, flooding and droughts are impacting cities across their water cycle.

Can Blockchain bring an end to corruption?

After thousands of years of fighting against corruption, blockchain might just be the answer everyone was searching for!

Major environmental disasters: September 2017

September was the most active month ever recorded for tropical cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean. See the list of major environmental disasters in September 2017.

UN-Habitat – What is Resilience?

UN-Habitat’s goal is to increase the resilience of cities to the impacts of natural and human-made crises. Find out what is UN-Habitat doing for resilience.

Yet another unhelpful stab at why people become terrorists

When I was in grade 13 – which in my day was the last year of high school in the province of Ontario, which I suppose just underscores how old I really am – I remember taking an exam in functions and relations, one of three mathematics options at the time (calculus and algebra were the other ...

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