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Critical Supplier/Supply Chain Management Assessment is now live

Participate today! BC Management’s BCM Service Provider/Critical Supplier/Supply Chain Management Assessment is now live through September 12, 2017. This survey will be used to assess BCM service providers (alternate site, […]

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How drones are changing humanitarian disaster response

While so much of the news coverage about drones lately has focused on their negatives, like interfering with air traffic and the use of armed drones, they have also quietly […]

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Why we love to play apocalypse

Why video games are obsessed with the apocalypse! For decades, video games have had a fascination with the end of the world. Why is it that we find it so […]

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Why do eclipses cause apocalypse fears?

If you think an eclipse means doomsday, you are not the first! There’s a long and fascinating history of people believing that eclipses are a sign of the apocalypse. (Hopefully […]

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What have we learned from the Aaron Driver case one year later?

A year ago Canada dodged a terrorist bullet when the almost 25-year old Muslim convert Aaron Driver climbed into a cab outside his sister’s home in Strathroy, a small town […]

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Special offer: 2 BCM courses for the price of 1

Special offer! Back to school discount! All aboard! Heavy discount on our Business Continuity training classes in Ottawa! Register to the BCM Foundation Training and receive a free seat on […]