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Food Safety 0

Shortage of public health veterinarians could threaten Food Safety

On-going vacancies and funding shortages for public-health veterinarians, particularly those with the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), could hamper efforts to ensure the safety of U.S. meat products […]

Crisis communication 1

Is the use of acronyms causing confusion?

We live in a society that has evolved into a culture of getting things done at an ultra-fast pace. Even in something as simple as a conversation, we search for […]

Security 0

Canadian security agency will soon be able to launch cyber attacks against terrorists

New anti-terror laws introduced Tuesday include a beefed-up security force that would be able to launch cyber attacks against terrorist groups and other governments The federal Liberal government is creating […]

Emergency Management 0

Inflatable plug for subway tunnels demonstrated

A giant, inflatable structure designed to prevent flooding in subways was rolled out, literally, for media observers inside a full-scale, mock subway tunnel. In a demonstration, the plug, in under […]

IT Management 0

You don’t need a metal hook anymore to steel a car. A smartphone will do just fine!

Charles Henderson found he still had smartphone access to his old car even though he’d sold it Charles Henderson loved his “awesome” convertible, particularly the fact that he could start, […]

Continuity 2

Acronyms & Ampersands

Where would resilience be without them? Whether we’re talking about emergency or disaster management, business continuity management or resilience, we rely heavily upon acronyms and the well utilised ampersand symbol […]