Category: Food Safety

Emerging food safety issues: what do consumers want to know?

EFSA asked Europeans for their views on emerging risks in the food chain, and how they would like to be informed about them.

EU to ban lower-quality branded food!

Studies suggest hundreds of well-known products are inferior to versions sold in the west.

Set the Standard – ISO 11053 – Determination of cocoa butter equivalents in milk chocolate

Did you know? Many types of fats other than cocoa butter are used in the preparation of chocolate milk. Discover ISO 11053.

Family awarded $6.5 million in Salmonella chicken case

Here's what happened after a poultry processor distributed contaminated meat that led to an outbreak.

USDA offers Food Safety tips for areas affected by winter storms

Winter storms can present the possibility of power outages and flooding that can compromise the safety of stored food.

Climate Change and Food Safety – Complete the EFSA Survey

How does climate change relate to food safety, animal and plant health? What are the emerging food safety issues?

Set the Standard – ISO 22000 – Food Safety Management Systems

The consequences of unsafe food can be serious and ISO’s food safety management standards help organizations identify and control food safety hazards. Find out more!

Social Responsibility’s influence over Food Safety and Quality

The concept of social responsibility has saturated social media over the last few years and crept into the organizational pillars of many corporations.

Listeria contamination of ready-to-eat foods and the risk for human health

Listeria cases have increased among two groups of the population: people over 75 and women aged 25-44 (believed to be mainly pregnancy-related).

Attacks on the Food Supply: How terrorists enter into the equation

Where are we in the fight to maintain the safety and security of the food supply from terrorist threats?

Key new (and not so new) Food Safety challenges for 2018

Despite significant advances in detection tools, regulations and consumer education on Food Safety, foodborne illness outbreaks are expected to increase.

Trending this week – Uber, Fake News and 2018

In this video, you will see a recap of our 5 most popular publications this week.