Category: Crisis communication

Cambridge Analytica’s Kenya election role ‘must be investigated’

Cambridge Analytica say they played a massive role in the election of Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta who beat Raila Odinga last year.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Time isn't just a healer, it confirms or destroys reputations. Any news story can affect perceptions. Reputation management is a powerful resilience asset!

Hawaii missile alert fallout: The importance of clarity in crisis communication

Companies can learn quite a bit from the recent Hawaiian missile clusterflip, particularly about timeliness and clarity in crisis communications.

Hawaii panics after incoming missile alert is sent in error

Civil Defense employee sparks terror in Hawaii by accidentally triggering ballistic missile warning while thousands fled to bomb shelters.

5 takeaways from hurricane season for crisis communications

The recent forces of nature with hurricanes Harvey and Irma remind us what good communication can and should look like, especially when it’s a matter of life and death.

Crisis comms lessons learned from Skydive Australia’s fatal accident

Following the tragic death of three skydivers on Mission Beach last Friday, crisis comms expert considers what other brands can learn from the fallout.

Why CMOs should learn how best to communicate in a crisis

Open data and innovative media platforms present new challenges in crisis management – but also bring new opportunities!

What really happens inside a PR crisis war room

There’s no shortage of corporate drama. Our news feeds have been clogged with an endless parade of companies unraveling before our eyes. Just a few examples: Uber, Tesla, that notorious Pepsi ad, United Airlines, and a string of corporate security breaches. The minute I see news about companies in trouble, I send good thoughts to ...

Is the use of acronyms causing confusion?

We live in a society that has evolved into a culture of getting things done at an ultra-fast pace. Even in something as simple as a conversation, we search for ways to save time. Consequently, the use of acronyms to abbreviate titles or phrases has become increasingly popular in business, social media and our everyday ...

Planning for the worst: Crisis communications 101

How you plan for and respond to a crisis could make a world of difference. Are you prepared? Every company – tech-focused or not – will eventually face a crisis. An unhappy and outspoken customer, an egregious misstep by an employee, a product malfunction. Yet, half of U.S. companies don’t have a crisis communication plan. ...

When was the last time you wrote a letter by hand?

Dear reader, I’m a traditional kind of guy. I would describe myself as a bit of a romantic fool. It’s in my genes. I like old black & white movies. I like little hand written notes; leaving notes and receiving them. All this, even though I consider my handwriting to be average if not scruffy! ...

Brand safety: how poor word choice can hurt

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me? Words CAN hurt your brand’s reputation. Word choice is critical to your brand safety. Speak, tweet, or post the wrong words and your audience will call you out. Usually it’s something that can be forgiven like that time Justin Bieber hoped Anne ...