Category: Supply Chain

Global shipping in ‘historic’ climate deal

The global shipping industry has for the first time agreed to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases.

Manufacturers’ Digital Supply Chain Expectations Outpace Reality

While companies are increasingly aware of the benefits of digital supply networks (DSNs), many remain stuck in the early phases of adoption.

The Amazing Supply Chain of Chocolate Easter Eggs

Originally, eggs were included in ancient pagan practices and these have, to some degree, been adapted to create some Christian Easter traditions with the egg symbolizing new life.

Supply chain cyber attacks up 200% in 2017

Cyber criminals ramped up attacks on supply chains last year, with incidents rising by 200%, according to a new report.

Brexit pain for UK businesses, as supply chain costs rise

Nearly a third of UK businesses with EU suppliers have already increased their prices in order to offset the potential costs of Brexit.

Quality and safety management in today’s shipping industry

The shipping industry has dealt with its fair share of challenges. Skill shortages and security risks pose real threats to shipping organisations everywhere.

How Twinings is championing women’s rights in the tea Supply Chain

Twinings announced that a funding programme for a partnership with children’s charity UNICEF had been increased for an additional five years.

UPS is building its own fleet of electric delivery trucks

UPS is to deploy 50 plug-in electric delivery trucks and says it is an industry first that is breaking a key barrier to large scale fleet adoption.

These household products may be releasing dangerous fumes – as much as cars emit

The list of products that produce VOCs is staggeringly long!

How can enhanced data and analytics optimize your Supply Chain?

As the digitization of supply chains becomes ever more the norm, experts share on how to manage big data and deliver actionable insights across all sectors

The hidden supply chain behind Valentine’s Day flowers

Lovebirds around the country can thank the cold chain for allowing them to adorn their tables with blooming buds every February, and actually all year round.

Coca-Cola announces plan to recycle bottles, Greenpeace criticizes

Environmental group says still too many single-use bottles, while Coke CEO disagrees.