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This week – Slavery, GDPR and Social Responsibility

What is trending this week in the world of resilience?

Set the Standard – ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility

Business and organizations do not operate in a vacuum. Their relationship to the society and environment in which they operate is a critical factor in their ability to continue to operate effectively.

May The Fourth Be With You

From the Supply Chain of the Death Star to the glaring Information Security problems depicted in Rogue One, discover how to apply resilience lessons from a galaxy far far away.

Trending this week – New website, Journalism and Barbados

This week, new version of The Resilience Post, Denis Goulet in the Barbados and Phil Gurski analyses the responsibilities of journalists in counter terrorism.

Set the Standard – ISO 22316 – Guidelines for organizational resilience

ISO 22316 provides guidance to enhance organizational resilience and being able to make informed tactical and strategic decisions.

Trending this week – Vulcan, Banana and Gordon Ramsey

This week, Phil Gurski explores the concept of ”logic extremism”, Paul Kudray explains the link ‘Banana Skin’ and risk managers and Gordon Ramsay a good DPO?


This week – Bitcoin ban, a new ISO Standard and Easter Eggs

This week, Google bans Bitcoin, discover the new ISO 9004 standard and the history of chocolate Easter Eggs. See our popular posts this week.

Set the Standard – ISO 11053 – Determination of cocoa butter equivalents in milk chocolate

Did you know? Many types of fats other than cocoa butter are used in the preparation of chocolate milk. Discover ISO 11053.


Trending this week – Car Electronics, Brexit and Mark Zuckerberg

Connected cars could be too complex, UK business increases prices in preparation to Brexit and Mark Zuckerberg's apology. See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.


Trending this week – Cambridge Analytica, Reputation and Cigarettes

Cambridge Analytica scandal, why Reputation Management is a powerful resilience asset the link between terrorist groups and the sale of contraband cigarettes.

Set the Standard – ISO 39001 – Road Safety Management System

Why do organizations need a Road Traffic Safety Management System?

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