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We are proud to have some of the top resilient minds in the industry share their thought and experience with us. Thank you to all our contributors!

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Alexander Sverdlov

Alexander is a Cyber Security consultant who helped banks, telecoms, public and private sector organizations worldwide develop their defenses to reflect current and future threats.

Betty A. Kildow

Betty A. Kildow, a business continuity management consultant for more than two decades, has worked with widely diverse organizations. assisting them in developing their continuity capability. She is a DRII Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP), a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (FBCI), and an ISO 22301 Master and ISO 28000 certified Lead Implementer and Auditor. A member of the ContinuityLink Trainers Team, Betty is the author of ContinuityLink’s newest training, Supply Chain Continuity.


ContinuityLink specialises in Business Continuity Management and offers training, consulting and audit services. Our mission is to partner with our customers and help them create efficient and custom made Business Continuity solutions.

Denis Goulet

Denis Goulet is a recognised expert in the Business Continuity Management field with over 28 years of experience covering Financial, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Distribution and Government organisations.

Douglas Grant

Douglas Grant is a disaster management professional with nearly a decade of experience developing resilience programs for government, private industry, and critical infrastructure. He is a graduate of Royal Roads University's Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management program, as well as a Certified Emergency Manager.

Graeme Parker

I am a Technology, Security and Risk Management professional with a keen interest in seeing technology deliver real world change in a secure, resilient and sustainable way.

Ian Francis

Ian Francis has worked for 17 years in the Resilience sector with a wide range of experience as a specialist in Business Continuity, Service Continuity and Data Protection, with implementation projects in the Telecommunication, Finance, Education, Charity and Government sectors.

Jacek Marczyk

Jacek Marczyk, author of nine books on uncertainty and complexity management, has developed in 2003 the Quantitative Complexity Theory (QCT), Quantitative Complexity Management (QCM) methodologies and a new complexity-based theory of risk and rating.

Jean-Baptiste Pelland-Goulet

Head of Communications and Operations at ContinuityLink.

Jerry Allen

Jerry is a crisis management and business continuity expert who specialises in the international aviation industry. He has helped numerous airlines, airports, hotel groups and other heavy industries to prepare realistic plans, train and test those plans. Email: jeremy.allen@return-on-development.co.uk

Kelly McKinney

Kelly R McKinney is the former Deputy Commissioner at the New York City Office of Emergency Management and Chief Disaster Officer at the American Red Cross in Greater New York. He led a New York City management team to California to assist California Office of Emergency Services during the “Fall 2007 California Firestorm”, which burned nearly a million acres of land from Santa Barbara County to the U.S.–Mexico border. He is the author of Moment of Truth that was released in July by Post Hill Press.

Leona Harrison

Leona is part of the content and community team at Specialty Fuel Services - providers of emergency fuel continuation services, in locations affected by catastrophic events.

Paul Kudray

A truly down to earth, grounded individual who is a resilience professional. Helping people and organizations to build and maintain their capabilities to respond to and recover from, crisis, emergencies or disasters. Paul is the 'resilience maverick' because he is not like the average resilience professional. Email: paul@kudrayconsulting.com

Phil Gurski

Phil Gurski is the President and CEO of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting. He worked as a strategic analyst in the Canadian intelligence community for over 30 years. He specializes in radicalization and homegrown Al Qaeda/Islamic State/Islamist-inspired extremism. He has spoken to audiences about terrorism around the world. Email: borealisrisk@gmail.com

Simon Doyle

Simon Doyle is Senior Media Lead at Calian Group Ltd. (TSX:CGY), a national diversified professional services business based in Ottawa.

Susanne Cork

Susanne Cork is Director of Business Development for Custom Training Solutions and Emergency Management Solutions at Calian Group. A diversified professional services and solutions company based in Ottawa, Calian employs 3,000 people with offices and projects that span Canada, U.S. and international markets. | s.cork@calian.com

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Worth MacMurray

Worth MacMurray was formerly general counsel of several public IT companies, a leader within PwC’s DC Anti-Corruption office and is now Principal at Governance & Compliance Initiatives. He is PECB Certified as both an ISO 37001 Lead Auditor and ISO 37001 Lead Implementer and delivers the ISO 37001 certification training with ContinuityLink.
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