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A Pandemic of Good News: The Top 50 Positive Stories of 2020

It’s truly been a year like no other, yet people around the world have done so much good in 2020.

Credit Ailsa Ross, The Good News Network

Scientists have not just been working on COVID vaccines, researchers have made major diabetes breakthroughs, discovered new cancer therapies, and launched critical green innovations to make the world a better place for us all. 

And though this year has been difficult for our favorite restaurants and bars, and people losing jobs—millions of people have done whatever it takes to keep them afloat. 

From all of us at GNN, thank you to our readers, for your hilarious and heartwarming comments, and for sharing our positive stories with your friends. 

With everyone proclaiming, ‘Good Riddance to 2020’, we can’t help but bask in the magnificent glow of kindness, resilience, and personal growth that has emerged… 

You will find the 50 good news stories from 2020 at The Good News Network 50 good news….

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