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Why it’s so hard to help pets in natural disasters

We’ve learned a lot about handling animal care and sheltering needs in disasters

Texas hit by Hurricane Harvey: what we know so far

Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas between Port Aransas and Port O’Connor, after swiftly gathering strength over the Gulf of Mexico. It made landfall as a category 4 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 130mph (210km/h), making it the strongest hurricane to hit the US since the category 3 Wilma battered Florida in 2005. The ...

Tornado safety tips for pets

According to FEMA, tornadoes are nature’s most violent storms. They may strike quickly, with little or no warning. Remember, storms scare some pets, and they may hide. Know your pet’s hiding places so you can retrieve them quickly. Keep a leash, crate, or other safe pet restraint handy so you can lead or carry your ...