Category: Community Resilience

100 Resilient Cities: Updates from African Cities

In this video, Chief Resilience Officers from Accra, Addis Ababa, and Cape Town share how their cities are approaching the urgent challenges of our time.

Resilience and the Future of Cities

Emerging trends and scenarios which could influence how cities function in the future.

Smart city tech can save every resident 125 hours a year

The study found that implementations across these four areas led to 125 extra hours per citizen, per year.

How Twinings is championing women’s rights in the tea Supply Chain

Twinings announced that a funding programme for a partnership with children’s charity UNICEF had been increased for an additional five years.

UN-Habitat celebrates a decade of work in Kuwait

Green public space must be a key consideration in urban planning for the health of the city and its people.

6 ways to make Smart Cities Cybersecurity-proof

How smart cities must adjust and adapt to the requirements of the new cybersecurity landscape.

Podcast: How post-industrial cities bounce back

Across the world, aging and failing infrastructure is affecting communities and cities in different ways!

As the world goes digital, is there a hack for inequality?

In Barcelona, hipsters and entrepreneurs rub shoulders with homeless people and immigrants, as the city authorities try to reduce digital inequality!

7 principles for building better cities

Seven universal principles for solving sprawl and building smarter, more sustainable cities.

Disaster resilience saves six times as much as it costs

A new report finds that federal disaster-mitigation grants produce an average of $6 in societal savings for every dollar spent.

Pittsburgh: Building resilience for the ‘Steel City’

An interview with Grant Ervin, Chief Resilience Officer in Pittsburgh, USA.

Panasonic is building an incredible smart city outside of Denver

The company is building one of their most ambitious projects yet: an entire smart city.