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Smart Cities: Can Data Account For Population Growth?

Advances in technology are permitting city planners more opportunities to maximize resources and providing a new lease on life for aging physical infrastructures.

How the Kilauea Eruption Affected This Hawaii Community | National Geographic

Sharing a deep connection to nature’s power—and to people displaced by it—two photographers document a volcano’s destruction, and help the Leilani Estates community recover.

The City of Light Embraces Resilience

Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, France explains how to nurture a resilience mindset within government, organizations and communities and how to be a flag bearer for other cities who want to adopt a similar approach.

Smart Cities and a Sustainable Future

Many developments in technology promise to be a paradigm shift or world changing so much so that it can be difficult to distinguish the hype from the reality.

Building standards for the future we want

Despite the international community’s best efforts, extreme weather events and slow-onset climate change continue to wreak havoc on our lives and livelihoods.

The Next Great Smart City Challenge: Public Health

As we start to find more success with smart city technology, researchers are now studying how those same technologies can address systemic challenges in health systems and environments around the world.

How video games help keeping Tunisia resilient

UN-Habitat organized the first Minecraft workshop in Djerba, Tunisia to allow the residents to express their needs for a prospective public space in Aouled Omar in Djerba.

Is there such a thing as an ethical electric car?

Carmakers and big tech struggle to keep batteries free from child labor.

Climate battle will be won or lost in cities, says U.N. climate chief

Cities, which produce about 70 percent of carbon emissions, are driving green reforms and will be key to tackling climate change.

100 Resilient Cities: Updates from African Cities

In this video, Chief Resilience Officers from Accra, Addis Ababa, and Cape Town share how their cities are approaching the urgent challenges of our time.

Resilience and the Future of Cities

Emerging trends and scenarios which could influence how cities function in the future.

Smart city tech can save every resident 125 hours a year

The study found that implementations across these four areas led to 125 extra hours per citizen, per year.

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