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World Standards Day 2018 puts the spotlight on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

On World Standards Day, we highlight the crucial role of International Standards.

Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

Discover Smart City Expo World Congress, a world leading event for smart cities projects in the context of urban development.

Could Estonia be the first digital country?

Estonia has been pursuing a grand idea since 1997: putting their entire government online. But is the idea a grand one, or a complicated one?

Why ICT systems implode

The data culture behind contemporary ICT systems belongs to the Stone Age! A text by Jacek Marczyk.

When will AI become less artificial and more intelligent?

What can we do to take AI to another level, to provoke a quantum leap? Check out the latest publication by Jacek Marczyk!

Resilient imagination beats brains

Now I'm not the world's most intelligent man; I grew up thinking that Ellesmere Port was one pound a bottle! But I do believe my imagination is up there with the best of them. Mr Einstein was, I believe, a very intelligent man. So who am I or others to quash his sayings, especially when the resilience profession likes to ...

Smart City Concept Model (SCCM) published

Ten years ago, the UN announced that the human race had reached a tipping point. 2007 marked the year that more than 50 % of the world’s population lived in cities. Today, that proportion is far higher and for billions city-life is the only way imaginable. Fortunately a new ISO/IEC is helping make that ongoing ...

Supply Chain technology: achieving next-gen visibility

Supply chain technology is evolving to combine disparate streams of readily available data to enable active, dynamic decision-making that reduces network latency, boosts competitiveness, increases supply chain resiliency and protects profit margins. Fabrizio Brasca reports. The nature of supply chain visibility is maturing at a rapid pace as it plays an increasingly important role at ...

How China’s cities are innovating to fight air pollution

Birds fly in and out of the eight-storey "Green Office Building" in Shenzhen, China, because a third of its walls are completely open to the air. It's a clever natural design that enables the building to stay cool without air conditioners. Across town, in a vast campus known as the "Low Carbon Park", mist is ...

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