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Bite size resilience – Are you ready?

...for anything? Risk and resilience go hand in hand!
We don’t want to live in fear of things going wrong, but ‘it’ happens. We live in a risky world, we take risks, we even give off risks sometimes to others. We make mistakes.

We take ‘calculated’ risks on social media platforms and sites like this one, especially when we hit the publish/post tab. We know the audience is there, or at least they are coming. But are your lines good enough to grab attention?

Will they attend, but take no
interest in what you have to say?

‘All the world’s a stage’ as the Shakespeare guy once famously proclaimed in his play. Today, the stage is set for you to say what you want, if it’s legal and not offensive.

But some take offence regardless.

Gary Vaynerchuck states “if you’re good enough, no one is holding you back”.

You have to be ready to speak up for what you believe and use your voice. Use your experience and fresh ideas to influence wider thinking. Don’t always follow, but lead. Take the lead if you are good enough and the chances are, you’re ready now.

Take the risk, be prepared to make a mistake, don’t be denied your opportunity to add to the debates and comment, rather than just like. Don’t just follow the obvious for the sake of it.

Don’t waste your vote. Don’t vote if you’d rather not.

You’re ready for anything.

But do as you like. It’s your call. Stay resilient in yourself and feel good about it. Be ready, because you are.

Unless of course you know you’re not ready yet. Then you weigh up the risks for yourself. Seek advice. Take the necessary steps to make yourself more resilient and then, when the time comes, walk on the stage and do your thing.

Good people will listen to what you have to say.

Gary Vaynerchuck states “if you’re good
enough, no one is holding you back”.

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