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Averting crisis through effective communication

Since crisis is something that can happen at any point in time, concerted efforts should be made by organisations to think ahead and do research in order to avert unforeseen circumstance or crisis.

Improving medication management through communication and collaboration

When it comes to medication error, transitioning from one healthcare setting to another is a particularly high-risk period for many patients.

Bite size resilience – Are you ready?

...for anything? Risk and resilience go hand in hand!

War with an ‘ism’ is a bad idea

Have "terrorism" and "war" become buzzwords that are too often misused? An analysis on the war on Islamism by Phil Gurski.

We need to ignore most jihadi propaganda

In the lead up to New Year’s, a lot of people were very nervous that festivities would be interrupted by a terrorist attack. An analysis by Phil Gurski.

Hawaii panics after incoming missile alert is sent in error

Civil Defense employee sparks terror in Hawaii by accidentally triggering ballistic missile warning while thousands fled to bomb shelters.

5 takeaways from hurricane season for crisis communications

The recent forces of nature with hurricanes Harvey and Irma remind us what good communication can and should look like, especially when it’s a matter of life and death.

Trending topics this week – Pizza breach, Puerto Rico street music and deradicalization

Pizza breach, Puerto Rico street music and deradicalization... See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

Why ICT systems implode

The data culture behind contemporary ICT systems belongs to the Stone Age! A text by Jacek Marczyk.

How to set up a community response network for the next hurricanes

Lessons learned from many hurricanes in many countries about designing, deploying and managing a resilient community-based response networks.

Information Security in the Harry Potter World

As I read through the Harry Potter series, I am bothered by the apparent dearth of secure ways to transmit information. I would like to review various methods of magic communication, look at the drawbacks, and suggest methods that the magic-using world could employ to achieve higher security. In Mundane society, we have developed various ...