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3 strategies of resilient people

Dr Lucy Hone is a resilience expert who thought she found her calling supporting people to recover following the Christchurch earthquake. She had no idea that her personal journey was about to take her to a far darker place. In this powerful and courageous talk, she shares the three strategies that got her through an unimaginable tragedy⁠—and offers a profound insight on human suffering.

Credit Lucy Hone, TEDx Christchurch

In a nutshell,

a) Accept / acknowlegde that this of situation as part of life (sh*t happens)

b) Selectional attention – focus on things you can change and on positive things (e.g. name three things you are grateful for, everyday)

c) Take control over the situation and be kind to yourself – most powerful / useful tool (ask yourself if what you are doing now is helping or harming you?)

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