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Taking responsibility: Communicating in a crisis

Taking ownership of a crisis response is crucial, no matter what the cause of the incident.

Protecting your reputation after an incident is the ultimate challenge for any airline. If done right, the company’s reputation could emerge even stronger.

Talking about the cause of the incident is not possible until a thorough investigation is complete. But the airline must cooperate with the authorities and help victims and their families. Taking ownership of the response by acknowledging the incident and talking about what the airline is doing in these areas should therefore be the prime focus.

Legal liability or blame can wait,” insists John Bailey, Partner and Managing Director, Ketchum Singapore. “What matters most is who will step up and try to make a bad situation better? Companies that don’t take responsibility—like BP after the infamous Deepwater Horizon oil spill—will find it hard to gain forgiveness or avoid reputational damage.

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