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Brexit Resilience: Conception to Grave

From conception to the grave, the UK, and the rest of Europe, need resilience and security going forward, no matter what is delivered on March 29th 2019.
As we stand here today, the hazards, risks and threats across Europe and the rest of the world, remain as high as ever. Not just from conventional forms of crisis, emergencies or disaster, but from technological and terrorist related incidents too.

It’s a fact that possibly no longer
scares people as much as it used to?

If we look beyond 2019, (scan the horizon), Expo 2020 Dubai will take place with its magnificent theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future and by then, Brexit will be a year old. Cutting it’s first teeth, sitting up on its own, without support, crawling and if we’re super confident, standing and taking some steps forward!

The Expo 2020 Dubai’s theme, although infinitely simply, has an amazing power of ambition that will no doubt, achieve its goals. To ‘create the future’, we must go through identifying lessons and learning from them; developing and implementing innovation, and with leadership and collaboration, with people and organizations, we can enable that opportunity to happen.

But we will all need to be resilient and have
safety and security in the world, no matter
where we are or where we belong.

I am no fortune teller and I am a self-confessed person who ‘Knows Nothing on Brexit’ (form your own acronym). But the reality is, hazards, risks and threats, crisis, disasters and emergencies, cyber security breaches, acts of terrorism etc, will happen.

Yes, with excellent resilience planning and collaboration between multi-agency partners, public and private sector engagement, risks can be removed or reduced, impacts and consequences can be mitigated. And we are truly grateful for those involved in such work around the world, in both response and recovery stages.

Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

Reflecting back on ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, to achieve this, we will also need to consider the way in which we ‘communicate to educate’ the people of the world, regardless of where they live and work. Not everyone, is academically gifted.

People don’t always like to think of or talk about the moment of conception, unless it’s what you’re trying your best to achieve. For some, it happens naturally and for others, it needs some technological support. Sadly, for some, it doesn’t happen at all.

Resilience and security have similarities in that
some don’t like to think or talk about it. But it
happens and its needed to ‘create the future’.

We all want and need resilience and security wherever we choose or want to be. To help make it happen in the future, we need to stop talking to ourselves and think of the real people who need the support, guidance and advice, of the brilliant experts we have around the world today.

Resilience and security matter, no matter
where we are. Communicate to educate.

Conception to the grave, life needs to be resilient to be in the future.

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