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Five tips on how Business Continuity principles can protect your YouTube channel

”Your video isn’t monetised because it contains content that might not be appropriate for advertising”

Since the recent update of YouTube’s Rules and Community Guidelines, many Youtubers wake up in the morning with the fear of seeing this notification on one or many of their videos.

As Youtube is now granting itself the right to remove monetisation from videos (or worst, from an entire channel), many are opening their eyes about the volatility of their source of income. In the last few days, many channels have reported having a good number of their videos un-monetised (Mr. Repzion, Philip DeFranco, Chris Ray Gun, ETC News…).

For a clear understanding on the impact of the news Guidelines on Youtuber’s day to day life, I recommend watching Boogie2988’s recent informative video in the subject.

Below are 5 Business Continuity principles that can be applied to ensure your YouTube channel survives tough times.

1. Perform a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Simple! And so effective! Every business, no matter their size, should know for how long they can manage to face an interruption. Some can stop their activities for 2 weeks, others won’t withstand an interruption of more than 1 day. Understand your business requirements and your customers’ expectations. Knowing how long you can afford to stop will help you to plan adequately.

Your BIA will lead you to a solution that fits your needs and the particularities of your business.

2. Keep a copy of your videos away

YouTube channels can be hacked. Or terminated. Make sure you keep a copy of your videos on your computer and maybe in another location. You don’t have to be the one that realizes 3 years of hard work just vanished into thin air. Why not keeping physical backup of your videos outside your place of work (ex. a USB stick in a safe)? Like any work of art, your videos are your creations and needs to be protected.

3. Always have a secondary reliable source of income

Accessing to online fame can happen in seconds. It can also end as quicly. Although it may be extremely lucrative for some, YouTube adds revenue is as volatile and unpredictable as it gets. You never know when you will reach the bottom of Youtube’s money jar. A secondary source of income will make you independent from your channel.

4. Have a plan

Face it. On the day you lose your source of income, your mood might not lead you to make the best decisions and not everyone is good at improv. You need to know in advance how long you can stop your operations without killing your business and what you have in place to fix the interruption.

Some will want to prepare a back-up PC and equipment stored away in case of a PC failure. Some will want to create a few weeks’ worth of videos in advance in case of being unable to create new content.

5. Plan for the worst

Find the worst thing that can happen to your business and the worst time it can happen. Being prepared for this, nothing else will scare you.

Your business is precious

Make sure you treat it as such! This might seem basic for some, too many still forget these important precautions. For many, YouTube is only a mean to enjoy free videos with friends or to kill a few minutes during the day. But for other, however, YouTube is a full-time job that needs to be protected.

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