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The solution to cutting plastic pollution? Bring back the milkman!

Orange juice, shampoo and detergent will be delivered to doorsteps in new 'Loop' partnership by Coca-Cola, Unilever and Tesco

Can Cell Phones Help Save Rain Forests? This Tribe Thinks So

Rather than being tossed in the trash, these old cell phones are being used to help track signs of deforestation.

Coca-Cola announces plan to recycle bottles, Greenpeace criticizes

Environmental group says still too many single-use bottles, while Coke CEO disagrees.

McDonald’s signs deal to drive down carbon footprint of European fleet

HAVI and Scania have agreed a partnership with McDonald’s to drive down the carbon footprint of the restaurant’s transport operations across several countries in Europe. The intention is to significantly reduce diesel powered vehicles and shift approximately 70% of HAVI's total truck fleet to alternative fuels such as gas and hybrid models, by 2021. The ...

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