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Organisations are preparing for GDPR and Twitter users are having a field day

Santa may need to comply with the new data protection regulations.

Why every Twitter users should update their password right now!

Twitter's 330 million users are being urged to change their passwords after some were exposed in plain text on its internal network.

Business Continuity Awareness Week 2017: it’s here!

2 out of 3 organizations have experienced at least one cyber security incident during the last year. Cyber attacks and data breaches have proven to be two of the greatest concerns for business continuity professionals for several years running. The latest research from the Business Continuity Institute has shown that: 88% of BC professionals have ...

A new Twitter feature to make life easier for emergency managers!

Getting accurate location information is one of the main challenges when using social media in emergencies. Knowing that a bridge has collapsed or that a family is sitting on a roof is useless if you don’t know where this is happening. Unfortunately, getting precise information from people is very difficult in an emergency: some people ...

Facebook, Twitter, and Google must remove scams or risk legal action, says EU

The European Commission and Member States consumer authorities ask social media companies to comply with EU consumer rules. EU consumer authorities and organisations have received a growing number of complaints from consumers, who have been targeted by fraud or scams when using social media websites, as well as having been subject to certain terms of ...

Impact of negative media reports mapped in new study

A study by the University of Plymouth Business School and Nottingham University Business School has looked at the financial impact of negative media reporting of operational losses suffered by banks and insurers. The research paper reveals how the market value of firms can fall by significantly more than the value of the reported loss. News ...

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