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New Tesla electric truck: Game changer, or not real?

Elon Musk reveals Tesla's electric semitruck. Is Tesla betting it can rapidly change current battery equation by 2019?

Puerto Rico’s solar future takes shape with Tesla batteries

Tesla is installing solar panels and Powerpack battery units to provide 24-hour electricity to a children's hospital that lost power during Hurricane Maria.

What really happens inside a PR crisis war room

There’s no shortage of corporate drama. Our news feeds have been clogged with an endless parade of companies unraveling before our eyes. Just a few examples: Uber, Tesla, that notorious Pepsi ad, United Airlines, and a string of corporate security breaches. The minute I see news about companies in trouble, I send good thoughts to ...

Why oil giant Shell announced it will invest $1 Billion in clean energy

Even oil companies understand that solar is the future. The massive oil conglomerate is pumping money into renewable energy. On Monday, Shell CEO Ben Van Beurden said that the company plans to spend as much as $1 billion per year on its New Energies division that will focus on developing projects like hydrogen fuel-cells and ...