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The next waves of ‘foreign terrorist fighters’

Why festering humanitarian crises will lead to more instability, not less, and terrorism will be part of that mix!

W(i)ther Islamic State? – EP03 – An intelligent look at terrorism w/ Phil Gurski

US President Donald Trump has tweeted and stated that Islamic State is defeated. Is he correct? Is IS one terrorist group we no longer have to worry about?

An extreme way to look at extremism

We need to deal with violent extremism harshly in order to save lives. When it comes to non-violent extremism, however, we have to allow views we disagree with.

Here are four innovative urban projects underway in Paris

There is an urgency to promote civic innovation in Paris. Income, wealth and opportunity divides run deep in the region.

An intelligent look at terrorism – EP02 – Whatever happened to Sikh extremism?

Canadian Sikh extremists were responsible for the largest single terrorist attack in history prior to 9/11.

What do we mean by terrorism – An intelligent look at terrorism

Extract from An intelligent look at terrorism - EP01 - What now? Road terrorists?

When terrorist warnings are not helpful

Sometimes, warnings are so general as to be useless or, in a worst case scenario, spread panic!

An intelligent look at terrorism – EP01 – What now? Road terrorists?

Welcome to the very first episode of the podcast 'An intelligent look at terrorism'.

A bold prediction for 2019: more terrorism!

Regardless of my skepticism, here is my shot at predicting what will transpire in 2019.

‘Counter’ terrorism policies that breed more terrorism are not smart

A few recently surfaced stories have reminded me that on occasion the decisions made by those who should know better are really dumb.

Australia data encryption laws explained

Australian police can now order tech firms to access the encrypted messages of suspects

How the decision to go to war made the ‘War on Terrorism’ worse

War is the equivalent of pouring gas on an open fire: when was the last time you saw a firefighter do that?

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