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Can Cell Phones Help Save Rain Forests? This Tribe Thinks So

Rather than being tossed in the trash, these old cell phones are being used to help track signs of deforestation.

Connected cars can lie, posing a new threat to smart cities

New research has uncovered a previously unknown weakness in smart cities systems: devices that trust each other.

Smart Cities: Can Data Account For Population Growth?

Advances in technology are permitting city planners more opportunities to maximize resources and providing a new lease on life for aging physical infrastructures.

First UK airport trial of a drone surveillance system takes place at London Southend (and it can even find the location of the user)

London airport successfully tested a ground-breaking surveillance system that allows to track and stop 'rogue' drones being flown close to the final approach.

The Next Great Smart City Challenge: Public Health

As we start to find more success with smart city technology, researchers are now studying how those same technologies can address systemic challenges in health systems and environments around the world.

The smart home that spied on its owner!

For two months, technology journalist Kashmir Hill let innocent household items spy on her and collect valuable information. See her shocking analysis!

Saving lives with new standards for sanitation

Human waste safely transformed into clean drinking water? Work is underway to develop international guidance to help new technologies flourish!

This luxury space hotel could be up and running in four years

First-ever luxury Space Hotel, Aurora Station, to offer authentic astronaut experiences.

The Amazing Supply Chain of Chocolate Easter Eggs

Originally, eggs were included in ancient pagan practices and these have, to some degree, been adapted to create some Christian Easter traditions with the egg symbolizing new life.

Car electronics: how much more complexity can we handle?

Excessive complexity is a formidable source of fragility. If you want to make something fragile, make it very complex. An analysis by Jacek Marczyk.

Smart city tech can save every resident 125 hours a year

The study found that implementations across these four areas led to 125 extra hours per citizen, per year.

France to sue Apple and Google over unacceptable practices

The country's finance minister says the case could lead to "millions of euros" in fines.

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