Tag: Sustainable Development

Smart Cities and a Sustainable Future

Many developments in technology promise to be a paradigm shift or world changing so much so that it can be difficult to distinguish the hype from the reality.

UN-Habitat celebrates a decade of work in Kuwait

Green public space must be a key consideration in urban planning for the health of the city and its people.

7 principles for building better cities

Seven universal principles for solving sprawl and building smarter, more sustainable cities.

Putting the logic into hydrological

How can International Standards provide guidance to ensure water is fit for purpose and used in the right way?

The troubling talk of toilets

Can ISO 30500 help deliver sustainable sanitation to the 2.3 billion people who lack access to basic services?

Managing a precious resource

Why do we need to manage global water resources? According to environmental scientist Dr Debbie Chapman, our health and well-being depend on it!

ISO 30500 to boost global health in places without sewers

In many places around the world, rural and urban populations have to use toilets that aren’t connected to mains sewers. ISO 30500 aims to help!

A future sustainable and resilient urbanism according to Blade Runner?

The 1982 film Blade Runner sparked an interesting dialogue on urban planning and the future of our cities, which is still relevant today.

ISO – Pushing the tourism limits!

Tourism is one of the fastest developing sectors, with increasing growth for the coming years. How can International Standards contribute to this development?

Smart City Concept Model (SCCM) published

Ten years ago, the UN announced that the human race had reached a tipping point. 2007 marked the year that more than 50 % of the world’s population lived in cities. Today, that proportion is far higher and for billions city-life is the only way imaginable. Fortunately a new ISO/IEC is helping make that ongoing ...

Addressing food security in a changing world

When it comes to ensuring food security and sustainable agriculture, there simply is no “one size fits all”. Many interventions that have attempted to address the challenges of food security have not considered adequately the intricacies of the problem. The issues at hand are complex and require a multi-pronged approach. For several decades, the Food ...

New ISO standard for climate action framework under development

Future ISO 14080 will help government and industry put together credible, transparent and consistent climate action. Greenhouse gases (GHG) are identified as the principal cause of climate change and managing them is crucial to help us adapt to its consequences. To address the issue, initiatives are being developed on an international, regional, national and local ...