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Why do businesses and society need smart cities? To survive…

As part of Information Age's Smart City Month, we look at why businesses and society need smart cities. It's about transformation and sustainability.

Resilient Animals – ‘Indestructible’ Animals

According to research, here are all the ways not to kill a tardigrade!

Resilient Animals – Top 10 most resilient species

See a list of what is to be considered the 10 most resilient species of animals!

I don’t care what it means; I just survive

Paul Kudray shares wise words about resilience he received from an homeless man.

How to survive a disaster?

In a catastrophic event, most people fail to do the one thing that would save their life. John Leach, a military survival instructor who researches behaviour in extreme environments at the University of Portsmouth, has studied the actions of survivors and victims from dozens of disasters around the world over several decades (and as it ...

What not to do in a disaster

See why 80 to 90% of people respond inappropriately in a crisis. Would you do better?

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