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Manufacturers’ Digital Supply Chain Expectations Outpace Reality

While companies are increasingly aware of the benefits of digital supply networks (DSNs), many remain stuck in the early phases of adoption.

Is your Supply Chain ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

What indicators should Supply Chain managers be looking out on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Why intelligent supply chains will rule the world

How an adaptive, intelligent supply chain – built around standards – accelerates innovation and drives change!

How will Brexit impact the European logistics industry?

As political heavyweights made their way to Brussels for the second round of Brexit talks, British Brexit Secretary David Davis urged all sides to ‘get down to business’. The European logistics and supply chain industry will be hoping more than most that they do just that. In June 2016, British voters chose to leave the ...

Digital business means big changes for Supply Chains

Chief supply chain officers have an opportunity to lead business transformation by influencing three changes in the digital world. Opening the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president and global head of research at Gartner, told the audience of supply chain strategists, that there are three things that will change in the ...

From bean to bar: the challenges on the cocoa industry

From bean to bar: the challenges of the cocoa industry

It is the key ingredient in one of the world’s favourite affordable luxury treats, but the reality behind cocoa is bittersweet. A sustainable cocoa industry is the goal of a new ISO technical committee that hopes to build a better future for cocoa farmers –for the greater benefit of us all. Cocoa farmer Francisco Miranda ...

6 tips for employee theft prevention in your distribution centre

With maybe hundreds of thousands of saleable products and materials in storage, distribution centres are tempting targets for theft by internal and external perpetrators. Effective prevention means guarding against theft by both external and internal perpetrators. However it’s the threat from within your warehouse walls which probably needs the most attention. It’s a sad fact ...

The Empire vs The Federation – Supply Chain Sci-Fi

How do you best compare Star Trek and Star Wars? What’s the only real way to match up these two icons and settle the dispute once and for all?

Adidas and Amazon re-write the rules on supply chain management

Adidas and Amazon re-write the rules on supplychain management

Cocoa Industry announces cooperative initiative to end deforestation

Hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales, leading chocolate and cocoa companies commit to develop cooperative, multi-stakeholder framework to address deforestation and forest degradation in the cocoa supply chain Twelve of the world's leading cocoa and chocolate companies agreed to a statement of collective intent committing them to work together, in partnership with others, to ...

Cocoa: a sweet value chain

Follow the journey of the humble cocoa bean from a tropical plantation to one of the world’s most loved products, chocolate. Find out how in today’s global value chain, sanitary and phytosanitary capacity helps to make sure that cocoa plants are free from pests and diseases and that chocolate is safe for consumers.

Apps vs. Chatbots: The fight for the Supply Chain future

Apps mean a simpler Supply Chain; Bots mean a more personal one The user end of the supply chain has a huge effect on the whole thing. It’s for this reason that the current fight between apps and chatbots is so important. When shopping evolved into its online form, so too did the supply chain. ...