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Smoke gets in their eyes: British Colombia wildfires to impact air quality for rest of August

Environment Canada's index also shows considerable improvement for some communities.

French art gallery discovers more than half its paintings are fake

The shock discovery is made after an art historian notices buildings shown in the paintings were erected after the artist's death.

EU to ban lower-quality branded food!

Studies suggest hundreds of well-known products are inferior to versions sold in the west.

Set the Standard – ISO 39001 – Road Safety Management System

Why do organizations need a Road Traffic Safety Management System?

Social Responsibility’s influence over Food Safety and Quality

The concept of social responsibility has saturated social media over the last few years and crept into the organizational pillars of many corporations.

The dirty secret of ‘African quality’ fuel

The amount of sulphur in some fuel used in Africa is 300 times the level considered safe in Europe. It can cause a lot of respiratory diseases. This video is part of the the BBC‘s So I Can Breathe season. Source: BBC

8 popular American foods that aren’t what you think they are

Food fraud is a $50 billion annual industry — and you're probably eating some of the evidence. From Kobe beef to Parmesan cheese, restaurants and grocery stores are packed with foods that aren't quite what they seem. Food makers and retailers cutting corners and hiking up prices can result in feeding consumers some less-than-truthful marketing. ...

Passengers happier with Uber & Grab than cabs

Private-hire services fare better than taxis in customer satisfaction survey Passengers are more satisfied with private-hire car services than taxis, according to a Public Transport Council (PTC) survey. The poll, conducted in August, found that private-hire services such as Uber and Grab were given a satisfaction mean score of 7.9 out of 10, while taxis ...

Enhancing traceability with a new ISO project committee

How do you know that your bottle of champagne is the real McCoy? That your boots were really made in Italy or that your milk is indeed pasteurized? Traceability – known as chain of custody – is important for ensuring the authenticity, and therefore the quality and safety, of virtually every product imaginable. A new ...

Pharma sector gets new ISO tool for drug identification

Up until now, there was no means of identifying medical substances on a global basis. This led to numerous challenges when adverse reactions to medicinal products were reported in one country and had to be interpreted by others. Greater co-ordination among drug regulatory authorities and increased transparency in reporting suspected adverse drug reactions was needed ...

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