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How the Kilauea Eruption Affected This Hawaii Community | National Geographic

Sharing a deep connection to nature’s power—and to people displaced by it—two photographers document a volcano’s destruction, and help the Leilani Estates community recover.

See a Gigantic Sinkhole on New Zealand’s North Island | National Geographic

A giant sinkhole measuring about 650 feet long and up to 100 feet wide opened up in the ground on New Zealand's North Island.

In the face of extreme weather events, Canada must plan for resiliency

This year's federal budget is another step forward in ensuring we are prepared to manage the risks that lie ahead.

World’s Most Resilient Creatures – ‘Indestructible’ Animals

According to research, here are all the ways not to kill a tardigrade!

Chocolates and flowers are not enough! Give your organization Business Continuity.

You are invited to join us for the ISO 22301 Lead Implementer training and certification event in Alpharetta, GA, USA on 26-30 March!

Disaster resilience saves six times as much as it costs

A new report finds that federal disaster-mitigation grants produce an average of $6 in societal savings for every dollar spent.

Is storm-ravaged Alberta insurable?

Storms, hurricanes and floods driven in part by climate change will cost the federal disaster fund $902 million a year, well above past averages.

All the catastrophes that the World Economic Forum says we should worry about

Every year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) asks its community of experts what keeps them up at night. Their answer is a collage of our greatest fears.


Trending this week – War on corruption, war on privacy and war on ‘ism’!

War on corruption, war on corruption and war on 'ism'... see what you missed this week on The Resilience Post!

Was Atlantic winter storm 2018’s first cat event?

Winter storm losses include power outages, business interruption, spoiled food and damaged goods.

Climate and weather disasters cost U.S. a record $306 billion in 2017

Hurricane Harvey's extreme rainfall and devastating wildfire contributed to $306 billion damages in 2017, shattering previous record by more than $90 billion!

2017 set a record for losses from natural disasters

Insurers are set to pay out a record $135 billion to cover losses from natural disasters in 2017.

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