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Trending this week – GDPR, LinkedIn account protection and Smart Cities

GDPR, LinkedIn account protection and Smart Cities... See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

How to protect your LinkedIn account from hackers

Alexander Sverdlov, cyber security expert, shares tips and best practices to ensure your LinkedIn account is protected from hackers.

LinkedIn told it cannot stop the bots

So you’re considering changing jobs and quietly make a couple of changes to your LinkedIn profile to ensure it is looking its best for any potential new employer. But then a third-party service spots that change and alerts your bosses. Uh oh. That’s the scenario LinkedIn has said it is trying to stop being possible. ...

Beware! Fake email phishing scam targets LinkedIn users

Fake Email phishing attack are hitting LinkedIn users via Mail and LinkedIn inbox’s and ask them to attach CV. Since its looks like an original link, which come from official LinkedIn, its leads to many users to be victimized by this email phishing attack. It is decent to believe that beneficiaries of the false message ...

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