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Internet 101

Of all the technological innovations in history, few have made as strong of an impact as the Internet.

Is redirecting people away from online violent content a moonshot?

Spies and cops need to see who is reading and reacting to violent material online to help them understand the extremist environment and build possible court cases.

Google’s ”Smart City of surveillance” faces new resistance in Toronto

Sidewalk Toronto’s ongoing controversies may serve as the latest warning sign for cities who are considering signing over public spaces to major tech companies.

From high-tech gadgets to the smart enterprise

How can we ensure efficient management of these automated systems so disruption is positive and does not become a bewildering maelstrom beyond our control?

We need to ignore most jihadi propaganda

In the lead up to New Year’s, a lot of people were very nervous that festivities would be interrupted by a terrorist attack. An analysis by Phil Gurski.

The role of social media in violent radicalisation

Does the Internet (and social media) really causes radicalisation or is it just another misconception? A text by Phil Gurski.

The reasons you can’t be anonymous anymore

Why people tend to think of cyberspace as some kind of imaginary space without true boundaries, a space not to be taken too seriously.

Coffee shop Wi-Fi, the ‘most dangerous’ of them all

Unsurprisingly, Wi-Fi networks in airports and hotels are also extremely popular. Hackers could intercept communications between two parties who believe they’re communicating directly with each other. Consumers need to be more aware of the potential dangers of connecting to a public Wi-Fi network, a new security report has warned. Wi-Fi networks in cafés and coffee ...

Trending topics on The Resilience Post

High-end music festival turns into disaster area and mass chaos Google and Facebook confess to being victims of a $100 million corporate scam Tornado safety tips for pets Facebook helicopter-drone to provide wireless internet to disaster areas Building an integrated Food Safety System one brick at a time And many more posted daily! Follow us ...

High-end music festival turns into disaster area and mass chaos

This weekend was the inaugural Fyre Festival. It was supposed to be the Coachella of the Bahamas. It was supposed to be a VIP experience. Instead it was Millennial Armageddon. Tickets cost anywhere from $1,000 to $12,000 and promised a flight from Miami, activities like kayaking and yoga, and a stay in a geodesic dome. What ...

Facebook helicopter-drone to provide wireless internet to disaster areas

Facebook thinks it can do more to help in times of crisis. On Wednesday April 19, Facebook revealed test results to the F8 developer conference from its efforts to get rural regions around the world online, and function as a source of disaster relief. The social platform created a small helicopter that’s connected to a power source and ...

Top 5 misconceptions of IoT network and device security

With an estimated 30 billion connected devices to be deployed across the globe by 2020, the promise of a global Internet of Things is fast approaching, posing a whole new level of threats to connected organizations. Misconception 1: Why would I care about the type of device that connects to the network? Someone has already ...

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