Tag: Information Technology

In disasters, Twitter influencers are out-tweeted

Pop star Rihanna has 89 million Twitter followers, but her network is likely useless in an emergency.

ISO/IEC TS 27008 Guidelines for the assessment of Information Security controls

Stronger data protection with updated guidelines on assessing Information Security controls

From high-tech gadgets to the smart enterprise

How can we ensure efficient management of these automated systems so disruption is positive and does not become a bewildering maelstrom beyond our control?

The new frontier for artificial intelligence

As AI becomes more ubiquitous, why is there a need for International Standards? And what are some of the topics surrounding its standardization?

It’s happening! Wisconsin company becomes first in the U.S. to microchip employees

A Wisconsin company called "Three Square Market" will have employees (voluntary) receive RFID (microchip) implants that will allow them to access doors, vending machines and other facilities around the workplace. This may sound good on paper, but could have very dangerous consequences in the future if RFID implants become accepted and mandatory worldwide. The rice ...

FBI warns consumers about ATM skimmers

Bureau says equipment doesn't have to be sophisticated to be effective. Cyber hacks are not the only way criminals get access to your bank account. The relatively old school practice of installing "skimmer" devices on ATMs still works pretty well: the FBI estimates the crime costs consumers $1 billion a year. A skimmer is device ...

Blockchain technology set to grow further with international standards in pipeline

Blockchain technology holds immense promise to revolutionize financial transactions – and with it, improve a whole host of things from financial inclusion to efficiencies in government, health and all areas of business. A new ISO technical committee promises to take it to the next level, having now defined areas for future standardization work. The inaugural ...