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Xylella plant host list almost doubles following EFSA database update

EFSA has completed two pieces of work that substantially expand knowledge and understanding of Xylella fastidiosa, the plant pathogen that is attacking fruit trees and other plants in parts of Europe.

One dead, 13 others sick in raw cheese E. coli outbreak

French authorities have recalled all reblochon cheeses made by a site in eastern France after seven children were hospitalised with E.coli infections traced to a producer.

Listeria contamination of ready-to-eat foods and the risk for human health

Listeria cases have increased among two groups of the population: people over 75 and women aged 25-44 (believed to be mainly pregnancy-related).

Human error causes WannaCry to infect 159 speed cameras in Australia

With NotPeyta spreading rampantly across the world, it’s worth remembering that the last ransomware de jour, WannaCry, is still out there. As many as 159 speed cameras in Victoria, Australia – mostly in the state’s capital, Melbourne – have been infected by the ransomware. We initially reported that up to 97 cameras had been infected, ...

A new weapon against infection

Burnaby Hospital has a new weapon against infection: the Germinator. That’s the light-hearted name employees have given to the new Xenex Light Strike Robot cleaning machine. Yet it means serious business for patient care. Fraser Health Infection Prevention and Control launched the Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) machine trials last month in three facilities: Burnaby, Ridge ...