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Hurricanes 101 | National Geographic

Hurricanes are massive storms with deadly force. Find out how they form, and what's being done to better predict their impact.

11 jobs that go into overdrive when a natural disaster strikes

Fortunately, there are people ready to spring into action when storm surges, flooding and high winds threaten.

Is storm-ravaged Alberta insurable?

Storms, hurricanes and floods driven in part by climate change will cost the federal disaster fund $902 million a year, well above past averages.

Will we ever have satellites that can control the weather?

As last year’s devastating Atlantic hurricanes demonstrated, we are at the mercy of the weather. Could we ever manipulate it from space?

Major environmental disasters: October 2017

Historic wildfires in California last month could cost insurers as much as US$8 billion. See the list of major environmental disasters in October 2017.

5 takeaways from hurricane season for crisis communications

The recent forces of nature with hurricanes Harvey and Irma remind us what good communication can and should look like, especially when it’s a matter of life and death.

Puerto Rico’s solar future takes shape with Tesla batteries

Tesla is installing solar panels and Powerpack battery units to provide 24-hour electricity to a children's hospital that lost power during Hurricane Maria.

Who cleans up after hurricanes, earthquakes and war?

Who clears up the wreckage of natural and man-made catastrophes and where does it go?

Community resilience story: Puerto Rico’s inspiring musical story!

Puerto Ricans sing about resilience! "Our plena, our song, our music, is stronger - our community is stronger than Maria."

Trending topics this week – Last tech Jedi, Economic resilience and Hurricanes relief

Last tech Jedi, Economic resilience and Hurricanes relief... See what you missed this week on The Resilience Post.

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