Looking for health advances? Latest ISOfocus examines healthcare hot topics

The March/April 2019 issue of ISOfocus provides updates on developments in the health sector and is a vital source of information about the health and healthcare industry. With its focus on driving quality and improving efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it undoubtedly speaks to the most pressing issue of our time.

“We need to overcome our contradictions to make decisions that improve and support healthcare worldwide… for present and future generations,” says Alexey V. Abramov, Head, Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology of the Russian Federation, in his introductory remark.

Standards have always played a central role in healthcare, their scope expanding over the years to include the fields of medical services, medical equipment and management systems,” he observes.

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The new dawn of disease control

In our evermore complex, interconnected world, with health systems undergoing new challenges and stresses, risk management in the healthcare industry has never been more important. Three ISO standards play a significant role in matching clinical quality with patient safety and best practice, helping not only to deal with risks but also to prevent them in the first place.

ISO 14971 is a standard for the application of risk management to the design and manufacture of medical devices

Only the lucky few get through life in continuous good health, free from the pains and aches of growing older. Not many of us escape painful and debilitating ailments, such as sore joints that eventually require artificial replacements, and most of us, at some time or other, have to resort to health professionals and the healthcare industry in search of cures.

And it is reasonable for us to expect that those healthcare solutions and treatments will return us to our lives as healthier people, feeling better and fit for daily tasks. We put our trust in health professionals when we are at our most vulnerable and the health professionals, for their part, try to ensure that patient safety is paramount and aspire to best practices to reduce medical errors.

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The barriers that are in your mind…

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in July 2018

Another month passes where I’m left thinking ‘I should really create a Healthcare category’. So, from next month – I’ll be doing exactly that.

There were some incredibly sensitive breaches this month, the majority of which were caused by human error. I imagine human error will continue to be the main cause of data breaches for decades to come – damn humans.

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How are healthcare organizations addressing information security?

Almost half of healthcare organizations conduct annual security risk assessments to assess their vulnerability to cyberthreats, according to the 2018 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey.

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For the survey, HIMSS — the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society — asked 239 health information security professionals to weigh in on their experiences with and attitude toward cybersecurity in their respective organizations.

Here are four survey findings related to how healthcare organizations address information security.

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List of data breaches and cyber attacks in August 2017

Well, this month’s total number of leaked records looked like it was going to be very low, but in fact it’s the highest one we’ve ever done. The discovery of the Onliner spambot has added 711 million records to the list.

August was – relatively speaking – a pretty quiet month. As far as I’m aware, just 4.6 million records were leaked, which is 139 million fewer than in July.

However, while the overall number this month is far lower, there were still plenty of incidents, including quite a few healthcare data breaches – one of which exposed the HIV status of 12,000 people.

See the list of data breaches and cyber attacks in August 2017

Source: IT Governance

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