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WannaCry Kill Switch Researcher Faces New Hacking Charges

A man credited with helping to prevent the spread of WannaCry has been hit by more hacking charges in the US.

Bible Society fined £100k for cyber hack of 417,000 Christian backers

The password was the same as the username on the account, set up in 2009 but not hacked until November 2016!

Hackers have already targeted the Winter Olympics – and may not be done!

The Pyeongchang Olympics are already under cyberattack on at least two fronts, with no clear endgame in sight.

Pyeongchang Olympics ‘already target of hackers’

Hackers have already begun targeting the Pyeongchang Olympic Games with malware-infected e-mail aimed at stealing passwords or financial information.

Update security on devices to beat the Christmas hackers

This Christmas Eve, remember that not only do the best gift-givers think of the batteries, but they also perform the software updates!

List of data breaches and cyber attacks in November 2017 – 59 million records leaked

This month’s list is a little thin compared with other months this year. Is that a good sign? Maybe.

5 computer security facts that surprise most people

Every company is completely and utterly owned by a nefarious hacker or easily could be.

How to protect your LinkedIn account from hackers

Alexander Sverdlov, cyber security expert, shares tips and best practices to ensure your LinkedIn account is protected from hackers.

How to create an un-hackable e-mail account

Having a secure e-mail account is imperative to your privacy. Alexander Sverdlov, cyber security expert, shares email protection tips and guidelines.

Pizza Hut serves up a slice of data breach

Pizza Hut has become the latest household name to suffer a payment card breach.

So, Equifax says your data was hacked. Now what?

143 million now face identity theft threat after the latest Equifax hack, so here's what to do if you're one of them.

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