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Building standards for the future we want

Despite the international community’s best efforts, extreme weather events and slow-onset climate change continue to wreak havoc on our lives and livelihoods.

The secret to unlocking green finance

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) asserts that ours is the last generation that can stop climate change.

There’s a sustainable energy source you’ve never heard of and it could power most of the USA

By now we’re all familiar with the likes of solar and wind power as alternatives to using up unsustainable fossil fuels, but what about evaporation?

America’s first offshore wind energy makes landfall in Rhode Island

Offshore wind works for Block Island, where the economics of fossil fuels no longer makes sense. Can it also be a key part of the energy mix for the coastal U.S.? America's first offshore wind farm will connect today to Block Island, a small, pork chop-shaped landmass off the tip of Long Island. For Cliff ...

Federal budget sets new standard for Canadian clean tech

The latest federal budget could prove to be a watershed moment for the clean-technology industry in Canada, and signals that the transition to a low-carbon economy remains a national priority. At the very time that the Trump administration is backtracking in the United States, the Trudeau government is moving forward with a clear commitment to ...