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Researchers warn of hackable baby monitor

SEC Consult confirms mother’s suspicion she was spied on.

Why are IBM and Cisco sharing cyber security secrets with Russia?

Western technology companies, including Cisco, IBM and SAP, are acceding to demands by Moscow for access to closely guarded product security secrets, at a time when Russia has been accused of a growing number of cyber attacks on the West, a Reuters investigation has found. Russian authorities are asking Western tech companies to allow them ...

Kaspersky Discovers New Malware Designed to Stealthily Steal Data

NEWS ANALYSIS: Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new strain of malware that hides in memory and trusted applications while it stealthily steals sensitive data. A new breed of malware found by Kaspersky Lab may seem like a nightmare for system administrators and IT managers. This is malware that uses legitimate - frequently open-source - software ...