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Isn’t propaganda great? But it can be misleading!

This is the third claim connecting the deadly Canadian attack to IS, but there is still no evidence that the gunman acted on behalf of any organizations.

Terrorism and citizenship

What is a citizen? Well it depends. The concept appears to date back to city states in ancient Greece, but in the modern era each state decides what the rules are. 

A good day for anti-extremist forces

Extremism is extremism, irrespective of political or ideological stripe. We must restrict the use of force to the State (and even that must be judiciously exercised).

Sometimes a bomb is just a bomb

Terrorism is all too real but it is still not an everyday event everywhere. We would be best to remember that.

How reliable are terrorist ‘defectors’?

Why many countries believe that everyone, regardless of the offence they committed, even a terrorist, deserves a second chance.

Another Monty Python moment, if it were not so serious

Who decides what a religion is and is not? I want to build on the Crusader theme for today’s piece in light of a recent US trial.

What John Cleese taught me about terrorism

Is there a link between Month Python and terrorism? Surely not... But when you think about it... An analysis by Phil Gurski.

No, Buddhist extremism is not an oxymoron

Quick, what is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word Buddhist? The Dalaï Lama? Saffron robes? One hand clapping? I would wager though that the last thing that comes to you is violent extremism. Maybe it should.

An insane recommendation on how to do counter terrorism

Can any organisation afford to watch hundreds of thousands of people knowing in advance that very few will ever present a problem? An analysis by Phil Gurski

The pluses and minuses of using ‘formers’ in counter radicalisation programs

Can we use a person who has direct experience in terrorism and has decided to leave it behind to help get those to change their minds? A text by Phil Gurski.

When do we call an act of mass violence terrorism?

Why I was taken to task for calling what transpired in Edmonton an act of terrorism while not doing the same with the shooting at a Quebec City mosque.

Terrorism and mental illness make poor bedfellows

Most people have a hard time wrapping their heads around the sanity behind terrorism. Surely those who knowingly and willingly kill themselves by detonating a bomb strapped to their waist or driving a booby-trapped car into a crowd of people cannot be psychologically normal, can they? It is probable that we also have a hard time ...

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