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The Vietnam City Resilience Index: Proof of Concept Paper

The Vietnam City Resilience Index began as an attempt to test whether the City Resilience Framework (CRF) developed by Arup International Development could be used to create a comparative national city resilience index.

Four tips for Business Continuity in a disaster-prone world

Disaster strikes when you least expect it, and it’s increasingly been shown that organizations can no longer afford to believe that such emergencies won’t happen to them. Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) planning has become a major priority for companies, but a number of them are still lacking the strategy necessary to ensure that ...

Neighbourly help, key to surviving an earthquake, city planner says

City of Vancouver holding a series of earthquake preparedness workshops While Vancouver residents' reaction to this year's unusual winter weather may have the rest of Canada rolling its eyes, being prepared for a disaster is no laughing matter for a City of Vancouver's earthquake-response coordinator. Jackie Kloosterboer, emergency planner with the city, says people have ...

BCM Desktop Exercise 2

The desktop exercise – a wasted opportunity?

In the latest edition of the Business Continuity Institute's Working Paper Series, Luke Bird MBCI focuses on improving desktop exercises, and poses numerous challenges to business continuity practitioners, suggesting concrete, actionable recommendations to enable organizations to obtain more value out of these exercises. In the paper, Luke notes that for many organizations, it could be ...