Are you earthquake prepared?

Wednesday morning a large earthquake hit Southern California — initial reports saying it had a 6.4 magnitude and could be felt in Las Vegas.

Are you earthquake prepared Washington Emergency Management photo

Washington Emergency Management (WEM) took the opportunity to remind folks on how to be prepared for an earthquake.

If you feel an earthquake, drop, cover and hold, WEM said in a tweet. If you feel shaking and you’re near the coast, get to high ground right away. WEM says to assume a tsunami is on the way and don’t wait for sirens to get higher.

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Kelly McKinney – Preparing for the worst

New York City based emergency management official Kelly McKinney has responded to disasters such as Hurricane Sandy and the Harlem Gas Explosion. But what keeps him awake at night is whether the US is prepared for something very big – like a massive earthquake and tsunami.

Preparing for the worst on Sunday Extra
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Saturday 8th June
A New York City Emergency Management official sounds a warning about major disasters
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