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Where are we with GDPR?

Keeping up with compliance in a post-GDPR world.

Researchers warn of hackable baby monitor

SEC Consult confirms mother’s suspicion she was spied on.

BMO and CIBC Simplii Financial reveal hacks of customer data

2 Canadian banks say accounts compromised: CIBC says 40,000, and BMO says up to 50,000 affected.

Data privacy by design: a new standard ensures consumer privacy at every step

On the eve of new EU regulations, and in the wake of recent large-scale data privacy breaches, a new ISO committee is leading the way with guidelines that put the consumer back in control.

Facebook Users Undeterred by Privacy Scandal

A recent online poll shows that Facebook scandal had little impact on the frequency with which users visit the social media site.

Irony of leaky app at RSA Conference not lost on attendees

Every once in a while, 280 characters can make people scratch their heads. Learning about a security flaw in a mobile app designed for a security conference is one of those things that people find puzzling. Or not.

Grindr under fire for sharing HIV status of users

Social networking service ignited privacy worries over how it shared sensitive user details including HIV status and GPS location with third-party services.

Facebook keeps tabs on Android SMS and calls

Users find Facebook has been keeping records of their calls and text messages.

US Police Unlock iPhones with Fingerprints of Deceased

It is now relatively common for fingerprints of the deceased to be depressed on the scanner of Apple iPhone devices.

Caribbean – Become a Certified ISO 27001 ISMS Lead Implementer

Join us in Port of Spain on 04-08 June for the ISO 27001 ISMS Lead Implementer training event. Sign up today!

Beware of Valentine’s Day online scams

While the internet houses a large number of dating sites that serve their purpose, many abound with romance scams - especially near Valentine's Day!

The labs that protect against cyber warfare

The world has entered a new era of conflict – offensive cyber-attacks aimed at infrastructure and society, all done without a shot being fired.

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