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Japanese Crypto Exchange hit by $60m heist

Yet another Japanese cryptocurrency exchange has been targeted by hackers: this time Zaif suffered losses worth 6.7bn yen ($60m) earlier this month.

Hackers Steal $31m+ from South Korean Crypto-Exchange

South Korean exchange Bithumb has been targeted by hackers for the second time in a year, this time losing over $31m in cryptocurrency.

Is it worth worrying about bitcoin’s growing electricity use?

New research posits that Bitcoin mining will consume half a percent of the world's total electricity by the end of 2018, then 5 percent in a few years.

Crypto Me0wing Attacks: Kitty Cashes in on Monero

The internet has been the gateway to fame for many a cat, but the latest vulnerability, the "Kitty" malware, has gained popularity for more nefarious reasons.

Google Bans Crypto-Mining Extensions

Google is taking a stand on illegal crypto-mining by banning Chrome browser extensions that support crypto-jacking.

Google bans cryptocurrency advertising, and Bitcoin continues to drop

Bitcoin fell roughly 6% following news that Google, the world's largest ad provider, is cracking down on cryptocurrency.

How the Rating of Bitcoin Compares to that of Fiat Currencies

How does the Bitcoin compares to the RtS ratings of the major fiat currencies such as the British Pound, the Yen and the Euro? An analysis by Jacek Marczyk.

Crypto-Mining malware found on 4000+ sites

ICO, NHS, US Courts and many other government sites hit.

Crypto-mining malware spreading via EternalBlue exploit

Over 500,000 Windows machines infected with new Monero mining software.

CoffeeMiner forces coffee shop visitors to mine for Monero

Crypto-mining using unsuspecting victims’ computers has become a rapidly proliferating phenomenon – and now it has collided with coffee shop Wi-Fi hijacking.

Rating the Bitcoin – When new technologies meet

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. Jacek Marczyk explains the resistance to shocks rating of Bitcoin.

Beware! Fake trading Apps harvest credentials and steal cash

Cryptocurrency trading app tricks victims into making their Gmail accounts accessible and steals Poloniex login credentials.