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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ≠ ISO 37001. Here’s why!

Why ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management System certifications are about to become more commonplace in the US.

What does GDPR mean for your supply chain?

Organizations not in compliance with GDPR can be fined up to four percent of annual global turnover or €20 Million, whichever is greater.

Organisations are preparing for GDPR and Twitter users are having a field day

Santa may need to comply with the new data protection regulations.

ISO 45001 – Let the migration begin

Migrating from OHSAS 18001 to the new ISO 45001 may have its challenges, but with careful planning, checking and commitment, organizations, their employees and all stakeholders will enjoy the benefits of improved health and safety.

France to sue Apple and Google over unacceptable practices

The country's finance minister says the case could lead to "millions of euros" in fines.

Family awarded $6.5 million in Salmonella chicken case

Here's what happened after a poultry processor distributed contaminated meat that led to an outbreak.

New UK agency to crack down on money laundering

Did you know? Although London is considered one of the safest places in the world to do business, billions of pounds are laundered through the city each year!

Can regulation influence governance behaviour?

Can robustly equipped regulatory systems influence and nudge companies towards better behaviour?

What is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)? Learn about this new role required for GDPR compliance

Data Protection Officers are responsible for overseeing data protection strategy and implementation to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements. Find out more!

Is your organization’s Data Protection Officer ready for GDPR?

One GDPR major requirement is the mandatory appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO). Jump on our CDPO training and certification opportunities!

Why do we have anti-terrorism laws if we are not going to use them?

Why have we made it illegal to join a terrorist group, then not bother to apply the law when it is obvious that someone has done so? By Phil Gurski

How global Anti-Corruption enforcement grew

Scholars argue changing global attitudes and U.S. legal culture have impacted white-collar prosecutions.