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Set the Standard – ISO 11053 – Determination of cocoa butter equivalents in milk chocolate

Did you know? Many types of fats other than cocoa butter are used in the preparation of chocolate milk. Discover ISO 11053.

The Amazing Supply Chain of Chocolate Easter Eggs

Originally, eggs were included in ancient pagan practices and these have, to some degree, been adapted to create some Christian Easter traditions with the egg symbolizing new life.

From bean to bar: the challenges on the cocoa industry

From bean to bar: the challenges of the cocoa industry

It is the key ingredient in one of the world’s favourite affordable luxury treats, but the reality behind cocoa is bittersweet. A sustainable cocoa industry is the goal of a new ISO technical committee that hopes to build a better future for cocoa farmers –for the greater benefit of us all. Cocoa farmer Francisco Miranda ...

Cocoa Industry announces cooperative initiative to end deforestation

Hosted by HRH The Prince of Wales, leading chocolate and cocoa companies commit to develop cooperative, multi-stakeholder framework to address deforestation and forest degradation in the cocoa supply chain Twelve of the world's leading cocoa and chocolate companies agreed to a statement of collective intent committing them to work together, in partnership with others, to ...

Cocoa: a sweet value chain

Follow the journey of the humble cocoa bean from a tropical plantation to one of the world’s most loved products, chocolate. Find out how in today’s global value chain, sanitary and phytosanitary capacity helps to make sure that cocoa plants are free from pests and diseases and that chocolate is safe for consumers.