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New anti-corruption framework in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

The USMCA’s anti-corruption efforts reached between the United States, Canada and Mexico represent a promising path forward to combat corruption both in the public and private sector.

Japan firms fined $3.4M over train bidding corruption

Two major construction companies were Monday ordered to pay fines totalling more than $3 million for colluding to win contracts on Japan’s multi-billion-dollar maglev project.

Amazon investigating employees leaking data for bribes

Employees, through intermediaries, would be offering internal data to help merchants increase their sales on the website.

Most countries ignore Anti-Foreign Bribery laws

A new report by Transparency International suggests foreign bribery is alive and well.

Anti Corruption Glossary

Corruption comes in many forms, and there are many ways to challenge it.

To Pay or Not to Pay: Airbus Faces Dilemma as Bribery Probes Loom

Court says planemaker failed to prove corruption by partners, as a result, Airbus faces court orders to pay intermediaries.

Fake News: an emerging threat to anti-corruption activists

How can a single fabricated news video impede the momentum of anticorruption activists and reformers.

A heart breaking video about the real life consequences of corruption. Must see!

An heart breaking video about the real life effects and consequences of corruption and bribery. A must see!

More CEOs than ever are getting fired for ethical lapses

The number of CEOs fired for ethical lapses has climbed dramatically over the last decade, according to PwC, the accounting and consulting firm that compiled the data. The numbers are still small—only a tiny minority of CEOs are tossed out for ethics violations, compared to other reasons—but they doubled in the US and Canada, to ...

Supply chain: Theft in distribution centers is a growing threat

Theft in distribution is a growing threat in the US, security expert Barry Brandman of Danbee Investigations said during a very interesting presentation last week at the annual Warehouse Education and Research Council (WERC) conference in Ft. Worth. One recent change fueling the increase: the internet, which now provides a global marketplace where pilfered goods ...

U.S. has no beef with spoiled Brazilian meat

After reports of inspectors taking bribes to allow the sale of contaminated meat, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is now testing shipments of raw beef and ready-to-eat meat products originating from Brazil. According to reports, meatpackers in Brazil have been shipping out Salmonella-tainted beef products--a problem that is known and ignored by some official ...

Expect rise in bribery and corruption in 2017 reveals ABC Report

Thirty-five percent of risks and compliance professionals participating in a joint study by Kroll and the Ethisphere Institute believe that bribery and corruption will go up in 2017. The report titled “Anti-Bribery and Corruption Benchmarking Report” also revealed that respondents believed the top risks to their anti-bribery and corruption programs will come from third party ...

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