ISO standard brings new touch to product design

Today, many people who are visually impaired or have low vision must cobble together different tools just to use everyday items. But this is set to change thanks to a new ISO standard for accessible design that will bring tactile information to the use of everyday products.

ISO 24508:2019, Ergonomics – Accessible design – Guidelines for designing tactile symbols and characters, will make accessible design a part of designers’ best practices by helping them incorporate tactile information at the design stage of a product or environment.

If you’ve had your eyes, or fingers, open, you may have noticed tactile information on toilet doors to denote gents or ladies, on buttons in lifts, on bottles of wine and packaging for breakfast cereals and ready meals. The use of tactile information (such as raised symbols and characters) has become an increasingly important method for supporting accessible design of products, services and environments.

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Business Continuity planning best practices from ‘Jurassic World’

In the movie “Jurassic World,” genetic scientists produce a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur named Indominus Rex — a move intended to wow the park’s customers and create new revenue streams.

While your company likely won’t ever face the unique challenges of wrangling carnivorous dinosaurs, “Jurassic World” does illustrate three best practices of business continuity planning.

By following the steps below, you can be more equipped when an event such as a hurricane, power outage or data breach tries to wreak havoc on your business like Indominous Rex wreaks havoc on Jurassic World.

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The Supply Chain and Food Safety culture: retail

What are your major challenges in maintaining a solid food safety culture?

The series on food safety culture along the food supply chain now focuses on food retailers. Previously examined was the creation of a culture of food safety in the primary production, distribution, processing and foodservice sectors of the global food supply chain.

Food Safety Magazine invited industry leaders in food retail to help elucidate the challenges around creating a culture of food safety.
The panelists are Ray Bowe, head of food safety and quality, Musgrave, Ireland, Katherine Di Tommaso, director, food safety, Walmart Canada Corp., Canada, Gillian Kelleher, vice president of food safety and quality assurance, Wegmans Food Markets, U.S., and Nicola Sharman, senior hygiene technologist, Marks & Spencer, UK. Their comments are provided below in random order.

How do you define food safety culture in your (or any) organization, and do you think these definitions differ between management and line workers?

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The importance of Risk Management for your organisation

The importance of Risk Management in an organisation

Enterprise risk management has become a crucial component of contemporary corporate governance and is an evolving discipline that has been supported and promoted throughout years. While an expanding list of companies has become identified with failure to anticipate and manage risks within their organisations, the changing competitive environments push companies to take risk in order to optimize their profit.

Taking such risks without being able to manage them can have consequences in terms of economic performance and professional reputation, as well as environmental, safety and societal outcomes.

About the ISO 31000 Lead Risk Manager course

This five-day intensive course qualifies participants to develop the necessary expertise and knowledge to support an organisation in implementing a risk management process and managing risk as specified in ISO 31000. Participants will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the best practices used to appropriately manage risk, through all the principles of ISO 31000.

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