Tag: Awareness

SMB Employees Fail to Take Cyber Threats Seriously

Small businesses that fail to offer security training remain at risk from employee ignorance, a new study finds.

Canadians’ Food Safety knowledge is lacking, Federal survey finds

A spokesman for Health Canada said the department will update its safe food handling advertising campaign.

World Environment Day 2018: Everything you need to know

This year's theme will focus on a type of pollution that's garnered international attention as of late, including proposed bans in major cities and countries.

Canadians Unsure What to Do Post-Identity Theft

Identity theft knowledge is low among the majority of Canadians.

Cybersecurity Awareness Must Generate From The Top

A culture is created where security isn’t just a cost center or a required set of checkboxes, but rather a game plan to better enable the business.

The humble ‘Banana Skin’ – possibly the greatest risk management tool ever

Paul Kudray explains why the 'Banana Skin' is as much important for risk managers as it is for kart racers!

Creating a safety culture in Latin America

Some organizations are taking the lead in challenging the mindset of many of their workers to bring their health and safety performance to the next level.

One easy way to reduce ransomware risk

Risk managers who teach employees what suspicious email looks like can drastically reduce the risk of being hit with ransomware.

Exercise Apple Crumble: The proof is in the pudding

What positives lessons can we learn from the latest Hawaii missile communication disaster? An analysis by Paul Kudray.

Negligence and corruption at the heart of Mumbai’s deadly fire

A deadly fire in a rooftop restaurant in Mumbai has drawn fresh attention to the failures of planning in one of the city’s busiest upmarket commercial districts.

How to develop a Resilience Strategy

Why, in the 21st Century, it is financially and socially imperative for cities to operate differently.

Museums are ready for the next natural disaster. Are you?

Coastal communities are reorienting and preparing for a world where they might be underwater at a moment’s notice.