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Not everything can go in the dishwasher

Whatever difficult decision challenges we face today, we can be overburdened as they stack up like the dirty dishes! A text by Paul Kudray.

When will AI become less artificial and more intelligent?

What can we do to take AI to another level, to provoke a quantum leap? Check out the latest publication by Jacek Marczyk!

If the problem isn’t that hard to crack…

When picking the wrong tool out of the box complicates matters... Read latest post by Paul Kudray!

Who rates ratings?

Failure is often not contemplated in a model. No model-building laws forces one to do so. See how this problem lead to catastrophes! By Jacek Marczyk

Motivated or CBA?

Sometimes we set off with great intention and purpose, only to find them 'deflated' by the actions (or lack of) of others, such as leaders and teams!

Emergency Exercises or just theatre?

Actors can't perform the simplest play without rehearsal. Should we think of emergency exercises in the same way? An eye opening comparison by Jerry Allen.

Smart Casual: a resilient nightmare?

Team bonding over a hot and cold buffet can be an amazing experience, as long as you didn’t get any sweet chili sauce over your new top! By Paul Kudray.

The difference between mental illness and radicalisation

When we come across a phenomenon that is new and strange to us we often struggle to gain an understanding. What we are seeing or hearing is beyond our realm of experience and hence our ‘comfort zone’, and we don’t have a readily available framework to make sense of it. As a result we have a tendency ...

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A new author joins The Resilience Post!

Exciting news! An expert joins us and will share its expertise on Emergency Management. Can you guess who it is? Tune in on Tuesday for identity reveal and his first post on The Resilience Post!